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Parking regulations at the Summer Contrast Festival!

  1. The parking on the premises of the Summer Contrast Festival is available only for festival participants.
  2. The parking fee is a one-time payment and applies to every vehicle entering the parking area. Leaving the parking area requires a new payment upon re-entry.
  3. Vehicle owners are responsible for safe and proper parking of their vehicles. Blocking other vehicles or creating obstacles on the roads within the parking area is not allowed. 
  4. The organizers of the Summer Contrast Festival are not liable for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents on the parking premises. Parking at the festival premises is at your own risk. The festival organizers are not responsible for any damages caused to parked vehicles. 
  5. The festival organizers reserve the right to refuse entry or remove a vehicle from the parking area in case of a violation of the regulations or improper behavior that may endanger the safety of other festival participants. 
  6. The organizers of the Summer Contrast Festival reserve the right to change the parking regulations at any time. 
  7. The current version of the regulations will be available on the festival’s website and at the parking area. 

Please adhere to the above rules and enjoy your stay at the Summer Contrast Festival!