Summer Contrast
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Summer Contrast is not just an electronic music festival. It is an invitation to a parallel world where time flows differently and colors are more vivid. For a few days, surrounded by the Rega river and located in a beautiful valley, the private space in Rogalinko (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) offers almost endless ways to spend time. Free from sponsors and created from the ground up, Summer Contrast is not a service for clients. It is an initiative that you can co-create with your presence and by sharing energy with others. And immersion in hypnotic sounds helps with that.

During these 7 days you’ll have a chance to visit: Oak Stage, the main stage hosting electronic music icons; techno oriented Triangle Stage;  Ritual chillout garden filled with music and workshops; the heavenly Paradiso Stage located right by the river; Tribes Stage pulsating Australian tech-house; and the unearthly psytrance Elisium Stage. However, these 6 stages are only the beginning, because Summer Contrast is an interdisciplinary event for enthusiasts of various art forms – dance, performance, various visual and spatial forms, or handicrafts. All these fields are present here and facilitate the integration of free spirits who visit us every year.

Summer Contrast is also based on contact with nature – not only thanks to its camping space, which is an integral part of this festival experience. Surrounded by spectacular forests and meadows, charming Rogalinko is a true pearl of Pomerania. Nearby, there are also, among others, lakes Nielep, Bystrzyno, and Bukowiec, as well as great cycling routes. The seaside town of Kołobrzeg is only 45 km away, and the Drawsko Lake District – famous for kayaking trips on the Drawa River – is within a radius of 40 km.