Let’s see if we match?

Must love nature & people! If you do not, it might rain, please stay away.


Must love music, also new music. You never know when you get an ear-gasm.
It’s sneaky like that.


Must love to love and sharing it. Building something for others to experience.
Then hide somewhere and experience someone, experiencing
the “experience”that you built. It’s fun, we know.


Must love helping with everything because knowledge is power.
You might learn skills from us and we might learn skills from you.
Seriously though. It is just to get you to do everything that we don’t want to do.


Must love dragons, if you own one, that gives you free pass right away.
You you get to watch us work while you chill.


Must like birds, why not? They are cute and we have a shitload of them in our 40.000 SQM beautiful nature on a private land. It’s going to be your natural alarm clock because of those f****** bastards are up so early. So, you must love birds, like we do.


Must be wondering “Is this serious? Or maybe this is a test?


Must be fun, ready to have fun. Having fun takes a certain skill. Chilling is also…probably somewhere in a foreign country to be pure form of mastery. Work hard, chill hard.


Experience is always welcome. Knowledge is power.


    Volunteer form

    Please describe your reason for coming over to help.

    If you have the intention to come for the party and work as little as possible then you might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
    Do you own a Dragon?
    Lying about dragon ownership is taken very seriously. We will ask for proof.

    No it doesn’t mean anything for the application…just kinda sad that you don’t own a cool dragon like we do.
    Start date
    When can you start working at the site?
    Have you volunteered before? (For us or any other festival)