You are welcome to stay on our camping site for free. Showers are included and it is close to the river for a natural dip. There is also a space to clean and wash.Please use natural organic soap in the nature. Consider Dr. Bronner soap. It’s for the body and everything else. It’s also made out of flower oils.
Camping zone is close to all stages, but far enough to rest after quite a few hours of dancing and “flying”.


Staying on the camping is for free, but we have a few rules:


NO OPEN FIRES (It’s very important as we are surrounded by trees and dry nature) Be extra careful with cigarettes when you discard them. At the ticket box you will get your personalized filter box for used cigarettes. Please consider getting one.


Collect your own trash and use the bins provided on the ground. You can leave bags of trash at the gate for pickup. Please recycle if you have the option.


Efficient use of space. There is no I in team. Don’t build your own stage for music or take over larger space you need. Nobody at the festival will be happy with that. See text above.


It is not possible to drive a car around the camping an the area during the festival. It is only possible for unloading and packing on the first day, till noon and when the festival is over. Please only stay on tracks dedicated for cars. Don’t damage the nature.


If you bring a pet. You are very so much responsible for it. If you don’t trust your pet to be around people, don’t bring it. Know your best friends limit. They can also get scared and stressed around too many people.


Toilets are for use. Please do not use the nature as your private toilet.