Food & water is available for purchase at site. You can also fill your bottle with regular tap water, next to the showers. Food caters both vegan and non vegan menu. There is a super market about 20 min away from the site, for all your necessities.


Simply, don’t be an asshole. Everyone is there together so everyone will feel what is going on. Be as neutral and humble you can be and you will receive the same. Everyone is equal as soon as you enter our ground. Respect is crucial for everyone.
No sexual harassment! Verbal or physical.
No discrimination of color, sex, religion etc.
No means no!
No violence or showcase of violence.
Our space is for art, music, nature and love. Be part of it and don’t be afraid to showcase your art. We have workshops that you might want to start signing up for if you haven’t already done so on Facebook.


Please respect the speed limit and people living around the festival area. The roads are narrow and sometimes big farm machines travel on some of these roads. Leave the stress behind and be with the flow, chill.


OH YEAH, Bring it on!
Surprise us, surprise yourself! Dress up and express yourself. Summer Contrast festival is the people. It’s YOU! Your dress-up creates space and experience for others. Little extra goes a long way and it keeps adding into the growing pool of artists bringing new and exiting things each year to showcase.


On site we have medical staff and ambulance. They are our heroes and are the first people to do anything in their powers to save or heal anyone in need. They don’t get to party like you so when you walk past them. Send them smile and thankful thoughts. Maybe little treats here and there won’t hurt either 😉


At the Oak Bar. Please return anything you find. Karma has a sick sense of humor.


Our main mission is that our guests are well taken cared of and feel secure. If you are going to be living in your tent, don’t bring all the expensive stuff inside. Computers and expensive gear belong locked as always. We do not store things for people, it’s a camping trip so try to be minimal and disconnect as much as you can from “normal” culture and leave all the things you don’t need at home. If you loose something then usually it’s at the lost and found. If you find something valuable, please return it at lost & found (OAK Bar)
Sexual harassment or going over the boundaries has zero tolerance with us. If you ever feel unsafe, scared or unsure if you need help. Ask for help, there is NO shame in asking for help and we will do whatever we can.


If you ever feel overwhelmed or need a space for yourself. Consider taking a stroll to the chill out tent and sit down alone or with someone. When feeling overwhelmed, closing your eyes and focusing in your breath will help, and knowing all things pass with time. If you feel uncomfortable at other places at site, this one might be yours to relax. We are all in the same soup together.
The chill out tent is run by beautiful & talented people, that provide relaxing space, filled with relaxed music. Vegan menu and drinks can also be purchased at the chill-out tent. This is the place to stay if everything else is too much, or if you just need to relax. There will be no problem finding place to relax on the festival ground.